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When the school day ends… Hoops Express begins.

Hoops Express Inc. New York Mission Statement:

Hoops Express is a nonprofit 501c(3), community-based organization that provides an array of supportive services to at-risk, school aged youths in the Newburgh, N.Y. area. Founded in 1998, Hoops Express was established to promote positive individual development for at-risk youths through the provision of educational, athletic and cultural programs.

Hoops Express Inc. North Carolina Mission Statement:

Hoops Express, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c (3), organization whose mission is to provide educational, social, and cultural support services to students in the NC area. Additionally, our mission is to aid in the holistic development of students in a way that cultivates school, athletic and life success by providing resources through educational programming, media/television programming, and educational outreach services designed to help students reach athletic, pre-college, post-secondary, and career success.

Indiana Pacers Assistant Coach Bill Bayno

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Operation You-Turn

The City of Newburgh and Hoops Express Inc. have partnered to address juvenile crime between the ages of 7 and 15. In 2005, the City of Newburgh and Hoops Express implemented Operation You-Turn, modeled after Boston’s Ceasefire project, offering young adults an … (read more)


Hoops Express, Inc has developed programs to allow youths and young adults complete their GED and/ or high school diplomas. This program is geared to assist youth or young adults complete their basic education while preparing for transition into sustainable career paths… (read more)

Midnight Basketball

One of our more popular programs is an after-school organized basketball league for kids from age 8 to 22, in four age groups. The goal is to keep them off the street while giving them a motivational challenge. In addition to having fun, kids learn the value of effort, focus… (read more)