Midnight Basketball

One of our more popular programs is an after-school organized basketball league for kids from age 8 to 22, in four age groups. The goal is to keep them off the street while giving them a motivational challenge. In addition to having fun, kids learn the value of effort, focus, practice, and teamwork and in order to develop leadership skills, players with leadership potential are assigned to be coaches for their teams. The program runs from June through September, six nights a week from 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. We organize teams, set the schedules, provide referees, scorekeepers, coaches, uniforms, and trophies.

Each of the 16 teams play a 20-game regular season, followed by a post-season single-elimination tournament. The games are played at the Gidney Avenue outdoor courts in Newburgh,NY. Several hundred spectators typically attend our year-end championship game. Last year, about 200 kids played in our Midnight Basketball program.