Quick Start Tennis in the Park

The goals and objectives of our Quickstart Tennis in the Park Program are to:

  • Serve 150 youths between the ages of 5-16
  • Provide a minimum of 16 hours of Tennis activity to all program participants weekly
  • Provide a minimum of 2 extracurricular tennis field trips
  • Increase athletic proficiency of program participants in the arena of tennis
  • Instill a lifelong passion or appreciation for the game of tennis

Evaluation is based on the plan outline of Save the Children’s Web of Support Model with data collection tools including intake and exit surveys; observations performed by program participants, parents and Hoops Express completing a JTF year end accountability form. Hoops Express, Inc. is able to determine program demonstrated success through feedback from parents and coaches; through a marked improvement of participant’s skill set with satisfaction of each goal outlined above.

Hoops Express, Inc. hopes to confirm the belief participation in sports particularly tennis, builds lives through teaching sportsmanship, fair play, and team work. Hoops Express, Inc believes by building on the natural enthusiasm for physical activity, it can reinforce the need for a solid recreational foundation and reinforce the idea of nurturing the whole child through tennis.