Freedom Divers

Freedom Divers is a culmination of four distinct diving program developed with the support of Hoops Express Inc. The programs are designed to help underprivileged adults and children, handicapped individuals, wounded/injured veterans, and parolees reentering the community.

We also have the ability to train Public Safety Divers in the Fire, Police, EMT, and Military communities.

The four programs are as follows:

1. Freedom Program:

Dedicated to the area’s wounded veterans the Freedom Program seeks to improve the physical and mental fitness of its participants as well as provide recreational activity. The program will include scheduled trips for those interested in enjoying the outdoors.

2. Adaptive Needs Program:

A program dedicated to the area’s handicapped the Adaptive Needs Program will improve physical fitness and provide a recreational activity including trips and outdoor adventures designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual.

3. Discovery Program:

The Discovery Program is designed to broaden the horizons of the area’s young people through an introduction to SCUBA diving. Instruction includes a discover Scuba class, snorkeling sessions, pool sessions. Certifications classes will be available.

4. Positive Focused Decisions Program (PFD):

Specifically for individuals who have been participants in the criminal justice system, this program will offer the opportunity to become a certified SCUBA diver and give back to the community through volunteering within the program.

In financial support of the above mentioned programs. Freedom Divers offers a Public Safety Diving program. The Public Safety Diving (PSD) program will train Fire, Police, EMT, and the Military in Public Safety Diving. The PSD program adheres to the rules set-forth by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), Police Officer Standard Training (POST) and both State and Federal OSHA Standards.

Freedom Divers also offers a variety of private SCUBA diving training and certifications to individuals, organizations and businesses throughout the Hudson Valley community.