Hoops Express, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c (3), organization whose mission is to provide educational, social, and cultural support services to students. Additionally, our mission is to aid in the overall development of students in a way that cultivates school, athletic and life success by providing resources through educational programming, media/television programming, and educational outreach services designed to help students reach athletic, educational, college, and career success.

George Frazier: Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Hoops Express Inc.

Archie Beslow: Co-Host, High School All-Starz and Host, Bridging the Gap with Coach, Director of National High School Outreach Programming

Tamiko Patterson: Producer, Hoops TV Programming/Apparel & Product line Designer

Keith Robinson: Program Director and Professional Communications & Media Relations/Speaking Consultant

Katina Turner: Director of National High School Outreach Programming, Director, K-8 Outreach Programming & Segment Host

Chuck Paylin: Program Director of Showtime Athletics & Basketball Operations

Claudis Polk: Director, SASS (Student Athlete Academic & Athletic Support Services)

Janene Ackles-Grant: Writer/Business Writing Consultant

Yvonne Stancil: Executive Administrator/Project Manager