What We Do

National data portrays a disturbing pattern of local youth and young adults being involved in the criminal justice system, and involved with serious violent crimes such as assault, burglary/attempted burglary, weapons possession, and an array of drug crimes. Given the overall dire indicators, it is a given that without substantial support, the local youth are unlikely to be successful without strong community supportive services. Thus, Hoops Express along with a coalition of support agencies, have designed “wrap around” case management and Life Coach mentoring system to meet the needs of at risk youth and returning ex-offenders. For example, one of our most successful programs is the “You Turn” program which has a 95% success rate for participants changing direction to a more productive and successful lifestyle. To date we have over 1,000 graduates of this program who are making successful strides toward personal and professional outcomes. Namely, 85% of participants complete high school with 75% seeking additional education including college or finding successful employment. Another example of a “wrap around” service we provide is the single mother program.